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Barbara Felsch, Owner

Barbara Felsch, Owner

Hello. My name is Barbara Felsch, I am the Founder and Chief Bean Counter at Benchmark Bookkeeping & Business Services .

While I tell everyone I am a Napa Native and consider myself as such, technically I was born in Fairfield and lived in Vacaville until the age of seven. I graduated Napa High with the Class of 1990. After high school I began working at Bank of America in Sonoma full-time while beginning business classes at the Napa Valley College part-time in pursuit of an Accounting Degree.

In 1995, I began working as a bookkeeper for a software development firm in Sonoma. Beyond doing all of the Accounting for this business I also handled all of the office management. During the next 10 years working for this firm, I fulfilled my undergrad requirements at Napa Valley College, and went on to graduate with honors from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Accounting.

In 2005 I began working as the Office Manager, performing all the Accounting functions, for Whiting Nursery in St. Helena. When Whiting Nursery announced it would be closing its doors, it was then that I felt I was ready to go out on my own.

I started my bookkeeping business in 2008,  newly christened Benchmark Bookkeeping & Business Services, by merely helping out a few people I knew who needed part-time bookkeeping help. I believe that my passion for bookkeeping coupled with my love to work with different people has helped grow the business to where it is today.

When I’m not crunching numbers, I love spending time with my husband, Ed, and our 5 year old son, Chase Anthony! We love camping, fishing, hiking and listening to good music! I personally love watching movies; my favorites being chick-flicks, even the cheesy ones, and I must admit kids movies!

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